22 July 2017

Chopped liver

The Danish parliament is situated in Christiansborg, a castle facing the canal in central Copenhagen. It is known to most Danes, as this is where we gather to fight for democracy and let our voices be heard, when those in the castle forget who they work for. As they tend to do.

While the castle itself may be off limits to mortals, the square in front belongs to the people. It is shaped like a half-circle, in an intricately laid pattern of sett stones in granite, flanked by two elevated islands of trees. One with a beloved statue of a resting pig. How could I not have told you about the resting pig? Oh.

First, it pains me that I have to use an image from Wikipedia, but I have not been able to catch the bigger picture at this altitude (spoiler: and now it is too late).

Perfection to the left. The safety rocks were added at a later point.

Island with the resting pig.

Christiansborg Slotsplads, endangered trees

A perfect bench for weary tourist legs, and for taking in the scenery. During demonstrations the small island turns into a playground for children, and the trees provide much needed shade.

Resting pig on Christiansborg Slotsplads

Hey pig. ♥

When terror entered the vocabulary, large rocks were placed in the outer perimeter of the half-circle to prevent vehicles from accessing the square. The rocks along with the elevated islands of trees have been doing the job perfectly, but someone in the castle had the bright idea to pretty it all up. And here is where it all goes wrong.

Never mind the sum involved to fix something that already works (50 mill. crowns of public hard earned money). What they have come up with is nothing short of a disgrace: The historical sett stones laid out in intricate patterns and colors, will be replaced by pale grey granite. Ten big trees are to be cut down, in the name of the new floor. The islands flattened, and the rocks replaced with pale grey balls. It is beyond bland. A vanity project initiated by a small but powerful elite of mediocre taste, with zero understanding of- or respect for Copenhagen history.

Look at this magnificent floor? My heart.

With an evil fence in the way, so I had to include the crappy piece of paper. Unsee that, if you can.

 The stories this floor could tell.

I shot this on the day I was aiming at the trees, of which several had already been chopped down (this disaster has so many levels of pain). Sett stones in granite dated between 1895 and 1922. Half of the square was in shade at the time, so I planned to return another day. Little did I know...

This week they proceeded to disassemble the most beautiful square in Copenhagen. 

Strategically timed, as those with the power to question and possibly put a stop to this insanity, like media and professionals, are off on vacation. Their return will be brutal, as I expect so will their verdict, but they will of course be too late to make a difference. 

I bet you are eager to see what this will all be replaced with? I give you:

Chopped liver by GHB Landskabsarkitekter. Note the pedestrian island to the left? This is the one:

For no good reason at all, these big trees, providing shade and traffic safety, were not incorporated into the design and will be cut down. Along with the two on the far right corner. 

Expect follow-up posts on this atrocity, including color samples of the light floor, freckled with gum, food, stickers, wear, dirt, paint and pollution. Because there is no way this will stay clean for a minute longer than opening day. Where have we heard this song before?