05 August 2017

On the fence

Copenhagen is still one big construction zone. In addition to the building boom, making room for new (wealthy) Copenhageners, there is the new metro line. Worming its way through our city, devouring everything in its path (our precious trees, ugh). The new metro line is not just a mess, but a major investment, financed by selling off land and even some of the harbour to developers. Needless to say, I am not the biggest fan. But if it will make drivers leave the car outside the city, and switch to public transport, it may prove worth it.

The metro construction sites are all wrapped in tall, dark green plywood fences. They call it Byens Hegn, the City’s Fence, and have appointed a curator to decorate it with street art. It was just what I called for (back in 2011), a creative way to hide the mess, and yet it has somehow rubbed me the wrong way, so I have been dragging my feet reporting on it.

The concept is that street artists apply for permission, going through a screening process. Then, a spot and a time slot is appointed, the art applied and left there for a designated period. With a few exceptions, the art has mostly been stuffed in off places, while advertising has had the best exposure. Worst of all on Town Hall Square, with its flickering screens and wall-to-wall banners. It just turns me off. That, and the neutering process of asking for permission.

But, were it not for the metro fences, there would hardly be any street art left to look at in Copenhagen at all. So I have finally decided to suck it up and look at the bright side. The big splatter-painted, warped mirror wall on Kongens Nytorv won me over. The Mirror Wave by Frederik Hesseldahl:

By some kind of magic, the mirror turns the mundane interesting.

I may have been seduced by this thing.

Also: I got a new, fancy camera. We are not quite as one yet.

Mirrorwave, Kongens Nytorv
Reflection of the French embassy, classy and ad free any way you look at it. None of that Danish treating people like consumers or cattle. When they had construction done, the scaffolding was covered up in a custom designed lace print, to beautify rather than scar the city. 

Mirrorwave, Kongens Nytorv

Freaky and fabulous. 

I returned with my old camera a few days later to get the shot I missed the first time around.

Classic Copenhagen summer version 2017.

And I got my beloved macro shot.

Mirrorwave, Kongens Nytorv

Because the good stuff is always in the cracks. Everyone knows that.

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