24 December 2017

The unforgotten

In late November, something unreal happened: the mysterious Nile Decorater got in touch. Alerting me that after a year’s absence (with an apology for being busy, I can relate), new elf-hats were ready for the Nile kids. I rushed to the Nile corner, but there were no hats in sight. Was this all a cruel joke?

And then the other day, when I was late for an appointment, there they were. I decided to dismount and take a quick shot because with street art you never know. It’s here today, gone tomorrow.

Hello! It’s been forever, but we are all still here: Nile kids, elusive Nile Decoraters and tardy bloggers.

Hearing from this old light in my dark, made me feel unforgotten. A welcome opportunity to climb back up on that horse. So much is going on in Copenhagen, and there is finally progress in the fight for the trees too. All it took was five years (at least ten in Sandra-years, I am exhausted!). When I am asked where the tree fight began, the answer is: here on this blog. Blogging about Copenhagen opened my eyes, and once the filter evaporated, everything became sometimes painfully visible. The filter is there for a reason and at times I do miss it, but there is no unseeing now. And you can’t just look the other way, when someone hurts your loved one, you know?

I’ll do my best to stay on the horse, and report on all things Copenhagen more often. For now I just want to wish you a happy jul.

Highlights of Jule/Christmas agony from the past:
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Holy crap, the torment. Happy to finally be on the other side. : )

Big hugs!